George_San_Jose's frugal wiper blade problem is resolved

That prior thread is now closed, but thought you all might be interested in what I finally did. After visiting three chain and one inde auto parts stores, it turned out only one store had both blade assemblies in stock that fit my Corolla (for $15 each). So from the inde store I purchased wiper blade inserts ($6 each) that didn’t fit my existing blade – the connectors were wrong and the metal strips were too narrow. But the rubber strip matched. I took the inserts apart, extracted just the rubber strip, and re-installed that with the original metal strips into the original wiper blade.

$12 instead of $30, I’m happy about that $18 savings. But $12 to me still seems a little much for just over three feet of molded rubber strip.

Ya know I think there are some 12" squeegees at the local box store for like 4 bucks, those and a couple of zip ties… :wink:

lol …

Who needs wiper blades???