Geo Prizm 97 regular maintenance

Hi Guyz,

I have a 97 Geo prizm with 57K miles on it. I didnt get a owner’s manual when bought it (as a used car) from the dealer. I wanted to know what routine maintenance work is needed for this car (e.g. brakes replaced at xyz miles or timing belt needs changed at xxx miles). Where can I get that information ? Thank you.

Put in your car’s information, hit “go,” and you’ll get a list of recommended service by mileage. The guys on the board can help you with recommendations for fluids and parts you may want to change due to the car’s age.

Oh, and buy an owner’s manual off Ebay.

Check the manufacturer’s web site and see if you can download an owner manual. You may need a maintenance guide as well. Sometimes they are packaged separately.

If that fails, try a Prism board. You might find schedules posted there or someone else can help you.

A Haynes manual is worth getting, available at any auto supply store or Walmart. The front section will have all the original maintenance as required by the manufacturer. It will also show you how to do routine repairs.


I had a 95 Prizm, nice car.

Generally change the oil every 3000 miles.

Rotate and balance the tires every 6000 miles, or every other oil change.

You’re about due for a tuneup. Spark plugs, spark plug wires, air filter, distributor cap & rotor.

Has the transmission fluid been changed? If not, then it is also due.

Take the car to an independent mechanic and have them look your brakes over.

Good luck.

You might be able to obtain a used owner’s manual from