99 Chevy Prism Maintenance

We own a 99 Chevy Prism (automatic) that has almost 100,000 miles on it. (this car is the same as the Toyota Corrola) We have heard that there are some preventative maintenance things for these types of cars at this milage (such as replacing the timing belt). We don’t want wait until a problem occurs from something breaking and then costing a lot more to fix. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  1. RTOM- Read The Owners Manual.

  2. Ignore Spell Check its a Prizm.

  3. If there has been little or no maintenance on the car expect about $1000.00 worth of stuff needed.

  4. With gas price so high these car are worth a lot more then you would think. So its worth getting the maintenance work up to date.

Americar said it all, and very well, I might add.

Make sure you do water pump and tensioner when you do timing belt.
Do not do any flushes!!! Use good parts
trans fluid change
New brake fluid, bleed all wheels
plugs, make sure they use antiszeeze on threads, wires, dist cap
Power steering fluid change
antifreeze change
Belts and hoses
Fuel filter air cleaner
Clean throttle body, easy to do
Do these and you will be good for 80000 more mi with a good driving good mpg car that has proven to be one of the best cars going

Change the parts listed above, EXCEPT, it doesn’t have a timing belt. It has a timing chain, which will last as long as the rest of the engine.

ooops did not know it did not have a timing belt so good news for owner

Thanks so far for the suggestions, I guess I should clarify, we bought the car used and do not have the owner’s manual. Any more suggestions would be appreciated!

Thanks hd72mm for some specific things to look into.

On Toyota’s web sight the maintenance schedule is available http://smg.toyotapartsandservice.com/guides.php?xv=6&xy=1998&xint_id=50&v=6&y=1998&int_id=56 Also I think if you register you can down load a free owners manual