Geo Prizim with bad coil?

This is a comment about the show on 3/13 where the caller’s car (Geo Prizim?)would not start until the tow truck showed up. Could be a coil if you say so but I experienced this same problem on a much different vehicle (‘78 Dodge Ramcharger 318 with a thermoquad 4b). My problem was that the automatic choke was malfunctioning. If I drove long enough for the engine to heat up and then shut it down and returned 15’ later - nada. THe choke was clamped tight.

I would have to climb up to the hood (44" tires and 7" lift) and stick a screw driver down the throat. I don’t know zip about the car that was being discussed today but if it has a carburator and an automatic choke…

Apples and oranges. No carb.