Geo Prizm



We were having problems with the damp weather and the car running rough. Changed the coil pack, now idles fine but when moving does a little bucking???


Spark plugs?


How old are the spark plug wires?


The plugs and wires were replaced sometine last year. When it’s wet and damp out we have had this problem so we changed the plugs abd wires. Then when we had the next very damp and cold weather was doing the same thing. Thought it might be the coil pack. Had this guy change the coil pack and a few mins later car idle fine but when the gas was hit it was bucking a little.


So if I’m getting this clearly - first you did the plugs & wires (about 1yr ago) and recently the coil pack.

The coil pack must have been at least part of the problem b/c everything is much better now, yes? But all the while you were running those new plugs and wires off of a not so good coil pack - any of those may have issues that come from the bad coil.

Pull the plugs and inspect them. You very well may see signs of the misfiring that’s been going on. Plugs are not expensive. It it was me, I’d just be putting in new one’s again.

Not all wires are created equal. I once bought a “bargain basement” set for a car and later figured out that some minor, intermittent missing I had came from a bad wire to start. If you bought the basement brand, throw those out and go with OEM. Either way though, that bad coil could have damaged a wire or two.


Well my bother a mechanic just checked plugs and wires. Plugs no good replaced them and still had the same problem. Went back to when it first happened, putting the new coil in. Guess what car is working fine now, Defected part was the problem. Ty for your help… So brought the coil back and got refund lol…