Geico Vs Travelers:: Car now Renters Insurance


I am w/ Geico for Car for the last 5/7yrs or so and happy with them.

They don’t have renters ins and wants to write it with Travelers.

Travelers says that if I have auto w/ them they will give another $60/yr off on my Renters itself.

Liberty Mutual for Car was the expensive one.

So wondering what should I do? I received an advice that Linerty Mutual is better than Travelers as they would honor a claim w/o a fuss than Travelers.


You might want to check with your credit card company, as they often have free insurance for rental vehicles. Also, I’m surprised Geico doesn’t has a ‘non-owned vehicle’ liability insurance - this covers damage done to other’s vehicles, either borrowed or rented. But before you switch, check your insurance policy again, and call your credit card company.


Answer depends on which “renters” insurance the OP means: 1) loss-of-use rental, where they pay for your rental car (to go with collision coverage; offered separately by Geico); 2) liability, collision, etc., insurance for rented cars, like on vacation (Geico includes this with your personal car’s coverage; other companies might not); 3) liability and loss coverage for rented domicile (many companies will discount the premiums if you bundle multiple policies – auto, homeowners/renters, etc.)

(I would have guesed that he meant #3.)

So, OP, if you clarify then MAYBE you’ll get some advice. I don’t think you can expect the responders here to comparison shop for you, but you might get a slew of anecdotes about the various companies’ service. I’ve been happy with Geico’s auto coverage.


I believe people are really confusing “renter’s insurance” on this thread.

Renter’s insurance refers insurance for possessions of an individual within a rented apartment or house.


I meant “Renters Insurance” for my apartment home.


Oh. In that case, forget my earlier advice. Never mind.


Shop around for renteer’s insurance. It should not be expensive. After all, you are not insuring the real estate, you are insuring your personal property. Figure out how much your furniture, clothes, and electronics are worth. I’d bet less than $10,000 to $15,000 unless you have lots of jewelry or another collection. Then shop for insurance.


You also aren’t just insuring your personal property but the important part is the liability insurance that comes with it. I just prefer to have everything with one company. Plus there should come a time when you will want to add an umbrella liability policy and you will need to have the car(s) and home under one company first. I have had State Farm since 1965.

I just got out of driving class with my agent, and don’t forget that liability losses can screw your life up a lot more than losing a car or property. Future earnings and assets can be gone after for 20 years of your life. Worry less about protecting the car and more about protecting yourself.


I am actually shopping around for renters insurance and was able to get a quote from the geico website. Are you sure you are looking in the right place. I got there thru google. And I mean the apt renter’s insurance.

On a different note there is a 40% difference between my own insurance and statefarm, so how bad is it to have one carrier for the car and one for the renters?


The best bet is probably to “avoid the middleman”, who in this case IS Geico. My experience with Travelers renters insurance was not pleasant, so I’m biased.


You are NEVER going to know how good an insurance company is until you make a claim. ALL insurance companies are EXCELLENT at collecting premiums.