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Gearshft indicator out of place

I just finished reading the answer to last weeks puzzler(broken trans. mount) and wandered if this could also apply to a 1997 Ford Expedition. It is a 4 X 4 model XLT with 5.4 Liter and has about 220,000 miles about 6 months ago the gearshift indicator moved, not sure about the mileage because my wife only drives about 5 miles each way to work. I have noticed it seems to have lost some performance.

The indicator is tied to the column by a little cable. It is adjustable but it seems like something is starting to break in there. A new indicator with cable # F65Z-7A110-AA is $30.00.
But in the mean time just put it in gear by feel.
If you’re believing the out of whack indicator you may be one gear lower than overdrive and that would explain the lack of power.
You should know how many clicks from park to drive.

( my old 68 Dodge van broke the shift cable so I put it in gear with a coat hanger. I would open up the engine dog house lid, pull or push the coat hanger as needed, and away we went. )

So it wouldn’t be the mount that holds the tranny up like in the Puzzler?

Probably not.
The shift cable is mounted in a bracket which is bolted to the trans. If the trans slipped on it’s mount the cable’s position reletive to the trans lever would not change.

Does it properly lock in park ?

Another scenario would be the lever at the lower end of the column or the cable-to-lever ends are wearing oval.

put it up on a hoist and start looking at all the pieces of the puzzle.