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Gearbox grinding when cold

For example first thing in morning when engines cold Ieave for work. As I pull away and turn out of my driveway I get a short grinding noise. Same will happen about 3 miles down the road when going round a roundabout. I don’t seem to get the issue when ivs been driving a while. I’ve had the gearbox briefly looked over and they couldn’t see any issues that stood out. Any ideas?cheers

Is this the dual-clutch automatic? Lots of complaints about those.

I’m not sure all I know is it’s a 1.6 zetec manual :joy:

Oh, it’s a manual? The grinding, does it happen while your shifting, or just driving?

It happens shortly after shifting. I pull away in first get tune out of my driveway then it will grind. We havnt noticed it when driving straight just turning

Then it could be the differential gears in your transaxle, or it could be the CV joints. Are the boots on the CV joints in good shape?

Year? Miles?

OK I’ll have a look at the cv joints when the partners home. It’s 2010 with a out 93000

yup …CV joints

I’d guess a problematic CV joint also. I expect you’ll find one of the four boots is torn. Good idea to check the manual gearbox oil level too while you are under the car anyway. If there’s a separate check for the differential section fluid level, that too.