Gastation wants exact change due to coin shortage

I like Samsung Pay, my phone doesn’t even need to touch the credit card machine

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I am going to order a UV device that can sterilize my cellphone, as well as any other smallish item that I place in its receptacle. It will easily fit a wad of cash, my wristwatch, or my glasses, and 5 minutes inside its receptacle will make anything free from infectious agents. I won’t mention the specific product because some folks would think that I am posting spam.


I actually have heard that argument before as well. While I’m not sure I buy it personally it does make some sense…at least psychologically, as a form of impulse control. It’s often mentally easier to write off the expense of “$45.37” to buy that new widget when you swipe a card, vs having to open a wallet to count out and produce the actual cash. And… if you only have a $20 with you.,then no widget for you…that day, at least.

Not car related but for $600 I was looking at a uvc light tht cn be placed in your hvac unit. I don’t know that the credit card touchscreens are safe, or even gas pump handles.

Yes, I suppose that it would help people who lack impulse control, but–then again–people who lack impulse control probably shouldn’t leave the house with more than a few bucks in their wallet.

I carry a tub of Lysol wipes in my car. When I return to my car after using a CC touchscreen at the supermarket, I use a couple of those wipes to sanitize the door handle that I just touched, as well as my credit card. I used to pump my own gas, but now that we live in the era of COVID, I allow the attendant to pump my gas (this is NJ, where there is no extra charge for that service), and when he gives my credit card back to me, I sanitize the card with a Lysol wipe.

I am going to be hospitalized in a few days for surgery, and the last thing I need at this point is to become COVID-infected prior to surgery.

Best wishes on your surgery.

Thank you.
My dog has to be treated the following week for cancer, so I have a LOT on my plate at the moment.
I am more worried about my dog than I am about myself.


Every couple of years a customer will come to our business wanting to develop a UV sterilization system. We’ve worked with some very big names over the years for applications from water, skin, toothbrushes, mail, bar glasses, equipment and air. Only two have ever made it past validation and those were for the well known applications of air and water purification. And the maintenance costs are significant as the emission sources rapidly degrade from electrode sputter and envelope solarization. Lamp changes are frequent and expensive.

Don’t believe everything you read. The amount of energy required to sterilize more than one layer of paper is significant. We did a system for USPS during the Anthrax scares that required such high energy and dwell time it destroyed the product. The system you are contemplating will not go through a single bill let alone a “wad of cash”. And the lamp source will rapidly degrade with use. The light output loss curve is steep so will be logarithmically degrading in use.

Only organisms directly exposed will be affected. So the method of light dispersion also matters. It’s expensive to make effective reflectors.

My advice is to be careful trusting this device will do what they claim unless you are spending beaucoup bucks for it.

Good luck on your surgery will be thinking of you till you are back. I can relate about the dog as I am a dog lover my self hope every thing turn;s out OK.


Have you suggested using a debit card? That’s pretty much the same as cash since the funds are removed immediately. She can also get cash with the debit card at grocery stores, drug stores, home supply stores, and a number of other places. If she pays for the purchase with the debit card, there is no fee for the cash. I’m sure you know that, but maybe she doesn’t.

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@VDCdriver I hope your surgery goes well. Also, I hope the best for your dog.

I have latex gloves in the car for fuel ups. One glove takes car of the touch screen, and pump handle.

I usually sanitize after use. Public service announcement.

also sanitizers recalled

Good luck and rapid recovery for your surgery. The same for your dog. It is tough to put a pet through that. A pet can’t just tell you what they need or want when they feel bad.

Please share, I’ve been looking for one. Send me a PM if it’s convenient, thanks!

If you are in for a few days, your operation must be serious. My sister had a knee replaced as an outpatient. On the positive side, my cousin had open heart surgery about two months ago, and she has recovered well from that. Good luck, and get back with us soon.

Hoping he’ll be posting from the hospital if needed.

It’s been much longer than that for me. One of the main reasons is so I don’t put my money in the candy and coke machine at work.
The only downside is that you stop into a convenience store for a soda and you have to buy something else with it because the store has a credit card minimum, and there goes my diet.

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Just buy a case of candy bars at your local warehouse club. You only live once.

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