Gas price

So, when gas was 25 cents a gallon, the 25 POINT NINE cents maybe made sense. To have gas approaching 4 dollars a gallon, and still tack on 0.9 cents is ludicrous. Does anyone else resent this absurdity?

My only concern: if they elimintate the 0.9 cents at the end, that would make room for the TEN DOLLAR digit…maybe we should let it be…

AMEN brother. i feel sorry for the guys with diesel trucks in central Georgia where diesel is $4 a gallon where the trucks get 15-20 mpg!!!

It does no make any sense, in fact it make no sense to have a penny coin any more. The last time we dropped a coin was the half penny and at the time we dropped it the value was about 20?. It makes no sense to have pennies or nickels. Let’s get some of that change out of our pockets and make more room for dollar coins.

I agree that we should at least get rid of pennies, especially since it costs more than one cent to mint them.

The guy who owns the gas station’s take per gallon is still pretty much the same regardless of what the final price is. In many places, it’s even less because the high prices lead to more people holding out for the cheapest gas in town, which puts more pressure on the stations to keep their profit margin as low as possible. That 9/10ths of a cent doesn’t affect you much, but to a small gas station owner those fractions of a penny per gallon may make up most of what they actually make on gas sales, if they make anything at all.

It’s big corporations that are making the profits off high gas prices, not your local gas station.

Reminds me of the movie . . . “Office Space” . . . where a fraction of a cent doesn’t mean all that much . . . until it does. Rocketman

How much money were most of us earning when gas was 25.9/gallon? I don’t know how many times I said “just put in a dollar’s worth” when my fuel gauge was registering empty. Hurry up payday!

i would love to get that 9/10ths from every gallion of fuel sold… every day year in year out.

At that time we danced to a song called “Hey Good Looking”, in which one line said “I got a Hot Rod Ford and a Two Dollar Bill”. Cheap dates were still possible. At that time I had a summer job that paid $1,10 per hour with an ashphalt paving crew.

Pennies and fractions of pennies seem insignificant, but for business and particularly financial institutions doing huge numbers of transactions the little pieces have a huge impact.

We need pennies. I know I need mine!

We can keep them on paper, but we can do without the coins.

You can all send your pennies to me! I’ll be happy to take them. I’ll add them to that small change jar on my dresser…the one that I cash in every month for $20 or so.

I have a pretty good size bucket of change that’s been collecting for a while. I keep telling my kids that they can have it if they bother to sort it out and take it to the bank, so far they don’t seen that interested.

Sort it? Banks have change counting machines. Let the technology do the grunt work.

…but it’s more fun to have the kids do it. (-;

I wonder how much one of those huge banks would weigh if you filled it up with change. The ones that looked like giant pepsi/coke bottles and stood like 3~4 feet high(google has failed me in finding an image of one)