Gasoline smell


Okay… so i’m driving my car and everything smells normal… all of a sudden when I roll down my window… WHOOOSH… a strong smell of gas rolls in. And it always does it when I roll down my windows.

I diiiiiid overflow my tank to the point where gas was pouring out from underneath my car. But that was a week ago.

Suggestions? Similiar problems? Please post.


It is likely that overfilling the tank damaged the evaporative emissions system of the fuel system. My best guess is that a valve or a solenoid that opens and closes that valve in the evaporative emissions system is bad, or that the carbon canister that is the heart of the system has been contaminated.

If it is the valve or its solenoid, the fix is cheap. If it is the carbon canister, that part is pretty expensive.


To add a little to VDC’s reply, I will say that topping off your tank (adding more fuel after the first automatic shutdown) is not a good thing to do as it can damage these parts. Most if not all modern gasoline cars carry warnings about this in the owner’s manual and or on the filler cap.