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Gasoline leak-engine braking

So I was going downhill and I saw I was heading towards a yellow light (plus a cop on my left). I used my brakes and shifted to a lower gear to slow down. After this, a lady in her car to my right tells me I am leaking gasoline by the squirtload. As I left the stoplight I saw in my rear-view mirror the puddle I had left behind and the trail I was currently leaving! I stopped to check and I was still leaking gasoline but not as much as the initial leak; I also checked other fluid sources/reservoirs and found no noticable losses. All in all, I think I lost about 1.5 gallons (I was initially at a quarter tank and ended at a little under an eight of a 12-13 gallon tank). I kept leaking a little bit until I went back up the hill to the nearest gas station. After this, I was able to drive normally without any gasoline loss. This had happened before but I had no idea what could have caused it, and now I have this as a better starting point. Any guesses appreciated! Thanks in advance.

I had a similar problem years ago. It turned out that the place where the gas filler pipe entered the tank (near the top)was corroded out, and a rapid stop would push the gas right out. I bought an new fuel tank and solved the problem.

Take the car to a shop that does gas tanks, such as a radiator shop. They will quickly determine where the problem is.

Good Luck!

Thanks a lot Docnick! I will bring this up with my mechanic which I am set to see in about an hour. I neglected to mention that I observed the leak at the front right of the engine area (from my driving perspective). When I first went with my mechanic, he suspected the leak was originating from the gas line going to the injector. I might have this wrong but hopefully the location makes sense.

This car is leaking gasoline, more than once and sometimes heavily, and you’re continuing to drive it? This is not the time for guesses. Get to a mechanic right away!

You’re lucky you haven’t been driving beside one of those smokers to whom the littering laws apparently don’t apply (which seems to be most of them).

I continue to drive because I have to. I am a college student and don’t have much in the way of extra funds. I have gone to a couple of mechanics, one of whom I trust very much and have been working with for 5 years. This event has happened 2 times before and I assumed it was resolved as previously my mechanic had tightened a piece close to the injector. Two weeks without incident was indeed misleading, but not cause for inaction due to general irresponsibility.