Gasoline in Mexico

Is gasoline in Mexico any different than in the USA? I’m thinking of bringing my car to Mexico City, as I have just moved there, but want to know if the gas here would adversely affect the engine. I drive 2007 Subaru WRX. Thanks for any answers.

I drove down from Washington state to Costa Rica and could not tell the difference in gas quality. I wouldn’t take an expensive (over $1000) car down through Mexico … the roads are a mess with huge chunks washed out and rocks the size of base balls. I came back with bent rims, body dents and a shattered windshield. Mexicans also like to break into Gringo cars.

Good luck on your trip.

It used to be that they had two grades of unleaded that roughly corresponded to regular and premium stateside and then there was another grade that was lower octane and leaded. I’ve heard they are phasing out the leaded grade and the other two should be fine. Sorry I don’t recall what they’re called!

Be aware you are more likely to get bad gas down there, so sticking to reputable stations would be preferred, but otherwise the two unleaded grades should be up to similar standards as in the US.

From Wikipedia:

"PEMEX is the sole supplier of all commercial gasoline (petrol/diesel) stations in Mexico. All petrol stations, although labeled PEMEX, are concessions that are strictly full-service. PEMEX tried to take away the concessions from a large number of these for low-quality gasoline (often cut with up to 40% fuel oil) and for not serving the correct amount of gasoline (many serve only 9 litres for every 10 registered on the pump), however a judge ruled these were “not reasons to take away the concessions”.

The grades of PEMEX gasoline are “Magna” (regular unleaded 87 octane?green pump handle) and “Premium” (92 octane?red pump handle). Previously, PEMEX offered a leaded gasoline called “Nova”, but this has been discontinued for environmental reasons and due to stringent health regulations."

So, it sounds like the octane of Pemex gas as it comes from the refinery is not a problem, but the inconsistent quality of the gas at some outlets could be problematic.

Agree; stick to large PEMEX stations, and the gas will be fresh. The PMEX super is really a high octane and should be good for any car sold in the US.

From a normal fuel station no, just find the premium. However if you get remote do not take stuff out of barrel where they use a rag as a filter.

One thing about the 07 WRX is they changed the fuel filter from a simple inline filter like my 04 WRX to a more difficult to service in tank fuel filter 05-current.

You may want to post out on NASIOC and find a local chapter if available for Mexico.

That’s Magna-Sin or “lead-free” in Englais in the green pump.

Gasoline is the LEAST of your problems… Importing a 2007 Subaru into Mexico is next to impossible. There are NO parts or service support for Subarus in Mexico, and the finicky WRX model is sure to need plenty of both…Just sell the Subaru and buy a Mexican Nissan if you feel you really need a car in Mexico City.