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Fuel brands

My neighborhood gas station just switched from exxon to marathon (this is Ohio). Most of what I’ve heard suggests that gas will be the same quality, but I thought I’d ask if anyone knows for sure re this brand.

I have used Marathon fuels in Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio when traveling in those locations over the years. No problems appeared in my use.

In most cases I believe gasoline is gasoline.

However, check out and see what you think.

I drive a Honda product, and I’m convinced that Top Tier gasoline is worth a few cents more per gallon.

However, when I need gas away from home I will pull into any convenient filling station and fill my car’s tank.

Please buy your gas from Marathon! Unlike Exxon, Marathon pumps oil on land where I own a share of the mineral rights.

Not too many gas stations are actually owned by their branded company. Usually they’re independently operated franchises who will sometimes switch affiliations when convenient for financial or image reasons. In more densely populated areas, there’s a chance that a change of sign will result in fuel coming from a different source or containing a different additive package, but in most situations the gas all comes from whichever refinery is the most convenient regardless of what the name is up on the sign.

In some areas, a lot of stations are changing from Exxon branding because of the company’s pretty consistent vilification any time the price of gas goes up, as well as various environmental and political concerns a lot of folks have with them.

Exxon/Mobil stations are plentiful in NH and MA, but I avoid them. I don’t know what additive they use or their refining process, but I notice a decrease in gas power and mileage using them. I get much better performance and gas mileage using either Gulf or Hess. When my daughter was living at home and she’d borrow my truck I could tell if she filled it up with Exxon. After driving for a few days I’d ask her where she filled it up because it seemed so lethargic. Sure enough it was Mobil.