Gasoline in a Volkswagen diesel fuel tank

Gasoline was pumped into my daughter’s 2011 Jetta diesel fuel tank. The car was driven about a 1/4 mile or less, as it started running “bad” I’m told. My wife pulled over, turned it off and had it towed to a local shop. They pumped the tank, changed the filters and bled the system. They later told her the car will lose power as it warms up and when warm will possibly not want to start. Does this sound correct ? I spoke to a few co-workers and they have had this happen to GM diesels, and once to a tractor, none with any long term affect, and to this day all run and perform just fine. Your thoughts ?

Modern car diesel engines are far more complex than the old ones. What you were told does not sound “wrong” but I suggest that you stop by the TDIClUB.COM. That is home for all VW diesel cars.

As long as the gasoline is out of there, I’d say all you can do is drive it and see if any damage was done.

Diesels can tolerate a little gasoline. That it ran poorly enough to stop in just a quarter mile indicates there was lots of gas in there. But, it was driven so little, If it runs ok now, I wouldn’t worry long term. It should not run poorly if there is no damage and everything that should have been done as far as the engine itself is concerned. Any additional problems with the sensors or fuel delivery system may have to be dealt with if drivability problems continue.

Gasoline was pumped into your daughter’s car, but you wife was driving it.

Does that mean your wife filled your daughter’s diesel Jetta with gasoline?

If so, I’m glad I’m not in your position.

Regardless, my limited experience with VW diesels tells me that when their tanks are filled with gasoline, significant damage results.

I hope I’m wrong.

I suggest you continue to fill the car with the proper fuel, monitor the situation, and hope for the best.

Good luck.