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Gasket maker on rear bearing cap?

I’m doing my first engine rebuild, on an 89 Subaru justy. The rear main crankshaft bearing cap is part of the exterior of the block. There are two rubber inserts on the sides to seal it, and the bottom gets sealed by the oil pan gasket. There is a small area around the bolt holes that have no gasket. I feel like I should smear some gasket maker there, but am worried that will throw off the bearing clearance. So, once again, I seek the wisdom of the car talk community.
Also, the rubber strips are a quarter of an inch taller than the bearing cap. Do I just trim them to size?

Correct, DO NOT put any gasket sealer there.

NO, do not trim

Stay away from the bolts, apply a very small bead of RTV at the corner of the recess that accepts the cap in the 3/8s of an inch between the back surface of the block and the bolt holes. The RTV will squeeze out and not affect the bearing clearance at all but you will seal up a weep point.

As @It_s_Me says, don’t cut the seal to length. The pan will compress the ends for a better seal

Thanks, do i have the right spot marked in red?