Gasket maker / gasket sealer, etc. what's the diff?

I’m putting a new-used oil pan on my 1999 Honda Civic EX to replace one that is cracked and leaking. I have a new FelPro gasket, blue, made of silicone I think.

The original gasket had a few areas with a grey substance alongside. I used to hear “grey for Japanese cars.” Questions:

Should I get some grey, or use one of the 3 Permatex “gasket maker” I have on hand (orange, red, and copper) and if so which one?

Apply it just where the factory had applied their grey stuff, or where?

I know the torque to use and to do it in 3 steps. This job I want done right the first time.

Does FelPro make an actual gasket for this? If so that’s what I’d use.

Many car manufacturers use a liquid gasket like Permatex during assembly. It’s used to speed up the process and lower the overall cost.

But for replacement you usually can get a real gasket. If you can that’s your best option. I’ve only used Permatex as a last resort.

Use just enough of the gasket maker you have on hand to hold the gasket in place when installing the oil pan.

The color makes no difference.



My question is what/where to use in addition, because there are remnants of a grey substance in places alongside the factory original gasket.

It’s probably a gasket adhesive. It keeps the gasket in place while you’re bolting up the part.