Gascap light?

2012 grandcaravan…My gascap light is coming on after a major engine repair (head replacement). I’m thinking that the wires got disconnected from the sensor. Is there a video on how to look and see if this is the case? a new cap…same…check engine light is on too.

If you had the work done at a shop return and ask them this question. If you did the work have the codes read at Autozone and post them here so you can receive more accurate replies.

Most gas cap indicators are indirectly sensed. They are triggered by a gross leak detection in the EVAP system. This is what may also be illuminating the CEL. The easiest thing to do is follow the prior advice and take it back to the repair shop for diagnosis. Hopefully, they left a hose loose or something…

That’s not just a gas cap light, it’s a light that alerts you that something in the operating systems that regulate emissions is not working properly. A much more complicated deal, and the people who repaired the engine should deal with it ASAP.

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