Gas Cap


We have a 2002 Dodge Dakota and We have had 2 or 3 instances of check engine light being on and found that it was the gas cap

(self diagnosis:). After moving cap around, I found that the CE light went out.

Can I buy an after market gas cap from, as an example, Auto Zone.

Thank You for Your attention.

Ron, from New Haven, Indiana 46774.

Yes. But don’t expect it to vanquish your problem. A replacement gas cap might not be the solution.

I don’t know about this particular vehicle, but I can’t think of any good reason why an aftermarket cap wouldn’t work. One thing that comes to mind is that the gasket (O-ring) around the top of the threads on the cap might be squashed and need replaced. You probably wouldn’t notice the difference between a new one and and old one, but check the manual to see if it requests that be replaced. My truck “asked” for that around 70,000 miles. Since it wasn’t expensive, I went with a new one from the dealer parts place.

Usually the after market gas caps are fine. However don’t assume that if the light went out that it was just the gas cap and don’t assume that if you had the codes read and it pointed towards the gas cap that it is indeed the gas cap. There is no code that says gas cap.

That said, if you checked the code and it pointed towards the gas cap (there are other things around it remember) and the light does not flash [urgent don’t drive] then trying a gas cap replacement is not a bad idea. If it happens again, you have a different problem.

Usually you have to tighten the cap until it ratchets. It should make clicking noises if it is tightened properly.

same thing happened to me… while i was in autozone i spoke up about this ( c.e.l.) some young kid said take off the gas cap and and lube it a little. i had nothing to lose.the next day driving down the express way the light went out. maybe it was it or not. so far so good. i have a 2004 buick lesabre good luck ron

Yes, you can buy an aftermarket gas cap, but price one at the dealer first. The price might be reasonable. If it is, but it at the dealer. If it isn’t. Buy it at the auto parts store.

I doubt you re as cheap as I am, but this gas cap can be rebuilt. I bought an 01 Dakota with this problem and found it results from internal parts that rust. Likely the result of pressure washing and just poor quality manufacturing. If interested, there are about 12 snap tabs that hold the cap together. Cut out every other one, then you can pry it apart. Lightly sand the valve disk and coat with petroleum jelly. Snap it all together. Three years later mine is still working.