Gas to Diesel

I need some suggestions. I want a Diesel Engine but absolutely love my truck, which is a 2005 Chevy Avalanche. It has a 5.3l V-8. I was thinking this because i drove my dad?s truck, which is a 2008 Chevy Silverado 2500 with the Durmax and Allison. Money is not a problem I just need to know the draw backs and cost and what needs replaced.

What needs to be replaced is your truck. Trade it for a diesel and save yourself a mountain of trouble.

I agree - you’ll be money (and time, aggravation, reliability, you name it) way ahead by swapping trucks, not engines.

If you have a 2500 (3/4 ton) Avalanche it maybe be doable. However your truck will never be street legal. The cost involved will be staggering, you will spend a fortune on custom fabrication. The transmission and engine will not be cheap either. You will end up spending more than the truck is worth 3 or 4 times over. A used Duramax will run around $8k-$10k, a crate engine will be closer to $13k, a used Allison tranny will run you about $5k or so. A new one will be closer to double that. Figure in about another $5k in labor to get everything to fit. You will also need a new rear axle. A used 12 or 14 bolt will be you best bet. That’ll be another grand or two. If you’re Avalanche is a 4WD then the chances are that you’ll need a beefier transfer case. You will also need suspension and if needed, front drivetrain upgrades to handle the Duramax’s grunt. a SAS would be the easiest and most decisive way of doing this a Dana 60 would be a good candidate, plan on spending another 3-5 grand on that. To do this right it will cost you around: 22k-27k depending on a few variables.

If they do emissions testing where you live the vehicle will not be street legal. If they don’t, then you’re okay.

Even if they don’t do emissions testing, it’s still illegal because the emissions equipment that originally came with the truck obviously won’t work with the diesel, even if the exact same truck was available with the diesel. Sure, who’s going to catch it, but still…

I fourth the get a new truck opinion.

A fifth for a new truck…love your 2005 truck ?
Life is filled with choices and this switch would be about as hard as it gets.
I wouldn’t try to make your “love” what it wasn’t intended to be.

If money is no problem, see your local Chevy dealer. He is ready to DEAL!! He is not interested in your trade-in however. You are on your own with that…