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Gas Tank Leak repair 95 Escort

Anyone have experience with a plastic gas tank leak? I went to You Tube and saw 3 other people who had the same problem.There is also an old question on Car Talk same problem. There is a stud that the heat shield mounts to and after many years it gets a stress crack in it. I have seen some that say use a soldering iron to melt the crack and others you say use JB Weld. There is also a product called Permatex Plastic tank repair, another type of glue. My car is so old that there aren’t any left in the local Junk Yards. Any help ?!

My daughter’s Escort developed a leak in the gas tank in the same spot. I removed the gas tank and had someone plastic weld the crack. But there wasn’t the Permatex plastic gas tank repair kit back then.

I would try using the Permatex product first. Afterall, they’re the ones who spent the time and money to figure out what works best. And Permatex is a high quality well known brand.


Hey Tester, did the weld hold? I was thinking of just buying a plastic welder kit at Harbor freight tools also.

Yes. The weld held.

Before you buy the plastic welder, you need to find out what type of plastic the gas tank is made of. Then you have to purchase the proper plastic welding rod.

Here are the types of plastics used in the auto industry.