2004 Honda CRV Gas tank repair


Tank is leaking with a small crack in it. My plan:

Drain gas.

Rinse the tank with water.

Rinse the tank with acetone.

Let sit for an hour.

Clean outside of crack with a degreaser and then some thinner.

Weld it shut with plastic and a soldering iron.

Plastic epoxy over the weld.

My question is does anyone know the plastic make up of most fuel tanks so I can choose a proper epoxy?


The only real way of fixing a leak is repairing internally.

Have you priced out a used(wrecking aka junkyard) fuel tank from a similar vintage CRV?


$400 for oneā€¦

I was thinking about a sealer from the inside, but so many of these seem to be incompatible with plastic tanks. I have used them on motorcycle steel tanks and they work well.