Gas Stains on silver 2008 VW Jetta

About two months into my new jetta, I noticed what appeared to be little spots in the paint under the gas cap. Borrowed wax from my neighbor, but stains remain. I took to dealer, and service guy suggested maybe I spilled some additive on it. I told him I only put in straight gasoline. I have the impression they are definitely not going to do any warranty fix for this.

Why did they stain the paint, and how can I fix it?



I would consider stopping by the auto parts store. Get a clay eraser, It is made for that kind of thing and it will safely take care of most such problems.

It could have been a factory defect, it happens, but not too often today. In any case if the eraser works, then don’t worry.

First of this is NOT warranty. You caused it by spilling gas on it.

Second…If it truly is stained by gas then try Joseph’s suggestion…but I seriously it’ll work. You either have to live with it or get it painted.

To PREVENT this in the future…I suggest you wax your car. Wax protects the paint from such problems.

Paint issues like this must usually be identified within a couple days of taking delivery to be considered as warranty items. If you just noticed it, you’re probably out of luck unless you can prove that it’s a paint defect that existed from day 1. Stains caused by the environment (chemicals, bird poop, etc.) are not warranty items.

I respectfully disagree. I did not cause it, and I haven’t spilled gas on a car since I was a teenager. This is the most expensive car I’ve ever owned, and I’ve done nothing but baby it since the day I bought it, washing - waxing - and interior kept immaculate.

You’re assuming a great deal in your post, and it only makes you look like an ass.