Gas smell



I don’t drive the wife’s 90 Totonado, often. But occasionaly I can get a wiff of gas vapor. Does it have the canister on the tank vent?


Didn’t proof read well…That’s Toronado, (Olds). Joe or OK, would you respond, please??


Gosh I know the answer to this question.
Oh well I am not Joe or OK.
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[b]Yes. It does have a fuel vapor canister for the gas tank. And one thing that can cause a gas odor is if the canister becomes saturated with fuel. And the canister becomes saturated with fuel from what’s called “Packing the Gas Tank”.

Packing the gas tank means, when the fill fuel nozzle shuts off, you continue to add fuel by by clicking the fuel nozzle off and on.

Locate the canister, and find the hose that goes from the canister to the intake manifold. Remove that hose from the canister, and gas leaks out from this connection, the canister is saturated.



Thanks for reading the ?. Some times we just have to risk it…


Thanks Tester for the info…Rex