Gas smell in car



I have a 2001 Subaru Legacy L and when I start the car there is a slight smell of gas inside. It goes away after about 15 to 30 minutes.


Does it smell like raw gas or gas fumes/vapor? (I suppose not everyone can tell but it is different).

Either way, gas smells are just no good. Have you asked anyone to look at it? It will probably be hard as you likely have either a very small gas leak or a small vapor system leak.

Do you even smell it while idling after the 1st 30 mins or so? E.g. while sitting at a stop light. Does the smell only start when you start the car or is it there when you get in? Next time you start the car, shut down all heat/ac - fan off, air set to recirculate rather then fresh. Do you smell it then?


Before you start your car, open the hood. Take a wiff. do you smell gas? If yes you have a leaky gas line, or a clogged vapor recovery system. if no, then: Now get in and pump the gas peddle, but only a time or two. You dont want to flood the engine. get back out, and take another wiff in the engine compartment. do you sell gas now? If yes, then you may have a leaky carburator. (if it is fuel injection this test should be skipped.) If no, then start the engine, and once again take a woofer under the hood. If you smell gas now, look for the leak. If not, then look under the car for a leak in the fuel line or the gas tank. This can be a dangerous problem, and should be fixed before you drive this car any further. fuel fumes are carcinogenic, and flamable or even explosive. so if none of these tests help, call in a mechanic who knows fuel systems on this specific car. Good luck.