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Gas smell coming from heater vents (2003 Honda Odyssey 150K+ miles)

Hi everyone,

          My wife called today and said she was smelling raw gas coming from the heater vents on the first cold day this year. I thought we had this issue last year but not 100%. Any ideas what it could be or how to fix it? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

The heater air intake is that vent screen along the bottom of the windshield…The smell will be coming from a source under the hood, a leaking fuel line or fuel injector. many cars now have plastic engine dress-up covers that hide the fuel system parts, so you will have to remove any covers first when you search for the source…

Yep follow your nose. Could it be the emissions canister if you are in the habit of continuing to fill the tank after the hose clicks off. It can fill up with gas.

A shop should have a hydrocarbon sensor that can help to find the source of the odor. Breathing hydrocarbons is not healthy. You may want to consider having it looked at.

Awesome. Thanks for the help, this car is not wortht he problems lol. Why are minivans so expensive.

One quick question. If i remove the plastic dressing and there is a leak, would i be able to see it or would it probably be a gas instead of a liquid?

You may be able to see it drip or puddle.

I assume you’re referring to Caddyman’s reply about the smell possibly coming from vapors migrating in through the heater air intake. If my assumption is correct, than you won’t see liquid there. He’s suggesting that the fumes might be coming from somewhere under the hood, like perhaps a leaky injector-body O-ring, and traveling as fumes up out the engine compartment, then being drawn into the cowl vent and pushed by the fan through the heater ductwork and into the cabin.

His suggestion is an excellent one. You might even be able to verify it by putting yuor nose under the hood and having a friend rev the engine while you sniff.

Of course my wife and i have a cold and our sense of smell isnt very sharp… ill see what i can find tonight.