Gas prices

I have received an email regarding gas

usages for different cars. I have a Buick Alero for almost 3 years and the email was regards to oil coming from Mid eastern comapnies. do you think politics do sway people from choosing a decent price for their own car?

Not sure I understand your question, kenley5. Could you be more specific and maybe put things in context? Tell us at least the gist of email message, for example, and what do you mean by people choosing a decent price for their own car? Please post back. Thanx. KS

I also don’t understand you message. Are you a native English speaker.

Try again…only find someone who actually speaks english to write it for you.

If you are asking if people will choose gasoline refined from oil derived from one country or another, I would say they might use that as a decision criteria, but it is impossible to use. First of all most of the crude oil that comes into the US to be refined into gasoline is either US, Canadian, or Mexican. Secondly, different companies mix and match crudes and gasoline so that by the time it gets to your Exxon, Conoco, or BP stations it is nontraceable as to country of origin. However, Citgo for instance is primarily Venezuela crude and is a Venezuela company. Other than that, the rest are very diverse. But Middle East crude is a small component of most refiners mixes.

Agree. Oil is an international commodity. During the famous 1974 oil embargo, oil destined for the British and other European refineries was rerouted to Holland and the US, the 2 countries subject to the embargo. Also, Middle East compnies own US refineries, who all trade product based on demand and shipping costs. What you put into your tank could originate in Canada, Mexico, Venzuela, Nigeria or the Middle East, and could be refined in a plant owned by a US, Chinese, Dutch, British,French, Arabian or Kuwaiti company. Like the thread on what is really an American car, globilization makes this indeed very fuzzy.

The Alero is an Oldsmobile last built in 2004.

Good catch, I didn’t notice it myself till you said that.

kenley5, you never posted back, buddy. I would like to try to answer your Q.

Buick is GM’s major brand in China, so it’s very possible that they sold the Alero there as a Buick.

Are you suggesting that higher-priced cars get better fuel economy? Personally, politics didn’t sway me to buy a fuel efficitnt car. It doesn’t matter if the oil is coming from Saudi Arabia or my back yard. It is expensive. Besides, I paid $13,000 for my car in 1999. At that time gas was cheap and so were fuel efficient cars.

I believe that you can be certain that Citgo products come from Venezuela. Aramco does not have a distribution channel in the USA, so you can’t determine where middle eastern oil comes from.

Oil companies still swap product based on regional demand, weather and storage capacity. Agree Citgo is a Venzuela-owned company, so it will show preference for its own refined product. When inventory shortages develop, they will buy prodcut from whoever is close by and has an excess. This just makes good business sense. Electric power companies do the same thing in order to provide uninterrupted power to customers.

Agree; there are all sorts of little cars sold in China under the Buick name; the design could be Daewoo, Opel (German GM), English GM (Vauxhall). In fact, Buick sells more cars in China than in the US. A large black 4 door Buick is the current Civil Service and government status symbol as chauffer-driven transportation. Much cheaper than Mercedes and more reliable.