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Gas performance chips

Do they really work by boosting hp and do you get

better mpg

will they harm your car and do they void warranty


If it did all that without a downside, don’t you think the car would come with them?

“Do they really work by boosting hp and do you get
better mpg will they harm your car and do they void warranty”

And they also transform lead into gold.

Most likely the only thing that you will accomplish is voiding your warranty.
Surely you can’t believe that the claims for these products are truthful.

If you’re referring to those inexpensive chips being peddled on eBay or wherever, it’s a scam.
They’re nothing more than a 25 cent resistor that is fitted in to the engine coolant or air temp circuitry in an attempt to fool the ECM into providing more fuel by thinking the engine is colder than it actually is.

Bottom line, you won’t notice any difference at all except possibly the fuel mileage dropping a tiny bit.

I believe you! are there any downsides to the Diesel programers?-Kevin (P.S not trying to steal the thread, just curious about the claims people make,gotta be a downside.I know some stuff I bought for my vehicle,seems to be a waste of money)

Some aftermarket performance chips for high-end cars (e.g. Dinan for BMW) are actually approved by the manufacturer and installed by some dealers with no warranty issues. Yes, they do boost HP. A chip is only part of the upgrade – flow-through exhaust, bigger injectors, turbo, free flow air intake, etc. are other components to upgrade as well. Chips are typically done to improve HP and torque rather than mileage. The above upgrades can cost $1,000+ and negate any incremental fuel mileage savings. I did all of the above to my Miata and got 250+ rear wheel HP. Turned a sleeper convertible into a Porsche beater. Never checked the mileage, however.


The downside with a diesel tuner is that the exhaust gas temps skyrocket and the extra torque (usuallly a hefty increase) will kill the stock transmission pretty quickly.

That Miata has to be a Mazadspeed version or have an aftermarket turbo. No way you’re getting an extra 100 HP out of a N/A Miata with just a tune and bolt ons.

Mods were performed by Flyin’ Miata in Glenwood Springs. Work also included lowered progressive rate springs and shocks, 18" wheels & tires, 13 PSI turbo, SS exhaust, KN custom intake, race clutch, ECU, Willwood brakes, Hard Dog roll bar, aluminum radiator, etc., etc. 0 - 60 under 5 sec and pretty quick on the old Second Creek track. Not cheap and not done to improve fuel mileage.


Somehow I don’t think that’s what the OP had in mind…

The BMW/Dianan relationship is a special circumstance as BMW will warranty driveability issues on cars equipped with Dianan software. Now with GM evey reason to avoid warranty driveabilty work was sought and one of those reasons was aftermarket software.

That’s what I suspected. Sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve done similar stuff to my Mustang GT; Eibach Sportline springs, Koni Yellow struts/shocks, Cobra-spec Brembos, Kenne Bell supercharger (6 psi). Centerforce clutch. Steeda Tri-Ax short shifter, single chanmber flowmasters with a BBK off-road H pipe (sounds better than an X pipe IMO), 4.10 gears (going to 3.73’s soon, 4.10s aren’t practical with the supercharger) and a dyno tune by Townsend Racing.

I alo have a 1974 Triumph TR6 that I hope to be able to do something with some day.

Thanks I was wondering how long it would take to melt the aluminum engine componets-Kevin