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Gas peddal won't engage

Hi guys, I have a 2005 Ford Escape XLS with a manual transmission. The car has 62K miles on it. From time to time the gas peddal will not engage. You can push on it as hard as you want and it won’t budge. After a minute or so it will return to normal. You can go weeks or months without it happening, but it will happen again. Any ideas? Thanks for any tips. Jeff-Indianapolis

Sounds like some sort of binding/sticking in linkage (unless it fly by wire). Anything blocking like floor mat?

More importantly get it checked. If it sticks at open throttle you could be in a world of hurt! I have a stuck throttle at WOT (wide open throttle)…high pucker factor!

Nothing is blocking the pedal and this only happens from a cold start. It hasn’t happened under driving conditions.

I wouldn’t want any part of what you described. I couldn’t afford all the underwear.

In case it does stick while driving, take a few seconds the next time you’re in the car to go over exactly what you’d do, which is probably to shift to neutral, then turn the key one position (and only one), then hit the flashers.

Shift into neutral: yes. Turn the key: no – not until you’ve come to a stop. It’s too easy to accidentally lock the steering wheel. Many recent vintage (computer controlled) vehicles have an RPM limiter, so there’s no chance of blowing the engine.

I guess that’s true, although a screaming engine might induce a little panic and cause a person to move off the road unsafely.

Which is going to happen first, the accident with this problem, or going to a mechanic? Let us know which happens.