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Gas pedal noise

When I press on the gas pedal, I hear a funny sound kind of like a bird. The noise stops as soon as I let up on the pedal.

Is the noise coming from the pedal, or is it coming from the engine?

If it is coming from the engine, the first thing to check is the condition and the tension of the serpentine belt on your mystery-vintage Corolla with undisclosed odometer mileage.

Would this be a bird like an owl, or a turkey or perhaps a crow? I do have a chart for this you know.

Any work done on the engine compartment recently? My 2000 Blazer had a buzzing noise under acceleration. I traced it to the gas pedal. The intake manifold gasket had been recently replaced, when it was put back together the accel cable was not secured properly. One tie wrap later the noise was gone.

If the serpentine belt is more than 4 years old, it wouldn’t hurt to replace it. An old serpentine belt can cause a surprising number of noises under the hood.

Ed B.