Gas odor

My 1993 volvo broke down. First, I smelled strong gas inside the car, then 5 miles later my car was smoking and leaking antifreeze… the radiator broke. Can you tell me why the strong gas smell?

Smoking, or steaming from the exploding radiator? The gas smell and the radiator issue are probably not connected as these two systems are completely unrelated to each other. Anytime you smell a strong fuel odor you should stop because you are probably close to burning your car down.

Is it possible you were smelling hot oil? Many drivers do not make the distinction between gasoline and oil odor.

A damaged radiator can cause this condition because transmission oil is circulated through a combination radiator. If you are lucky, your car can be repaired merely with a radiator replacement and maybe a transmission flush.

Steam will cause great smells under the hood. A 1993 Volvo engine is probably covered with oil. You don’t need a radiator. You should get a car because the Volvo is on a decline. Your angle of descent should look like a rock in air.

I did get my radiator replaced,the mechanic checked the gas odor but found nothing, however, I have smelled this odor for about a year now, sometime it’s very strong and I have to open the windows, maybe it’s transmission oil, I don’t know. I really appreciate your suggestions.


You may have a saturated charcoal canister. I had a similar problem with my Toyota Supra. I started smelling gas, and started looking for a leak. Never found one. However, I was looking over the engine one day and noticed the smell again. I was able to pinpoint it to the charcoal canister. While looking over the vacuum lines, I found the purge line was plugged into the wrong port, and the canister was not getting purged at all. The fumes were collecting in the canister and getting out through the vent at the bottom. Fixed the lines, and no more problem.