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Gas Odor

I have a 61 Chevy Impala with a small block 307, 4 barrel, dual exhaust. My problem is in a fuel odor primarily on deceleration. I’ve replaced the carb, fuel pump, fuel lines, and removed and checked the tank and filler line. No leaks in the fuel system. I’m at a loss for what’s next. Anyone ever have a similar problem?

If there’s no leaks in any section of the fuel system (lines, filter and filter housing, etc.) and this is only a WAG, is there may be a float level problem but that’s only if you find the carb is flooding at times. Does it?

Nice wheels btw.

Thanks for the idea. I’ve replaced the carb 3x. due to flooding. One of the carbs had a bit of a dead spot at around 35 MPH.