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Gas odor inside toyota sequoia

Some times when driving, I smell a gasoline odor from the ventilation system.

Besides closing the flow through ventilation, what should I do?

Find and repair the leak. Gasoline fumes are highly flammable, and breathing them is unhealthy.

The problem could be in the evaporative emissions control system, or it could be a simple leak in the fuel line. Either way, have someone figure out what’s leaking or malfunctioning, and repair it.

One standard problem that causes gas smell is when people keep filling the gas tank after it shuts off. Click! Click! Click! This can cause gas to be sucked into the charcoal canister, and really smell the place up.

I was told by a master mechanic when I did this 7 or 8 years ago on my 1989 Caravan that it would clean itself out. Here, many mechanics have said it will not and that you have wiped out the canister at great expense.

First task – think about it and ask yourself if you have done the click! click! thing. If you are the one who fills it, and have not done so, then there may be another problem.

One area to check are the O-rings at the fuel injectors. If any of these are leaking, the smallest amount of gas can come in contact with hot engine components causing it to vaporize and pulled into the vent system.