Gas odor in car

I have a 2004 Audi Avant with a 3.0 V6 with 67,000 miles on it. In May of 2009 the fuel pump failed and I had it replaced at my local Audi dealership. Several months ago I began noticing the smell of gasoline in my garage when the car had a full tank of gas. The gas smell also enters the car when I drive with the moonroof opened 1 click or have a front window opened slightly. Once the tank gets down to 3/4 full the smell goes away. I demonstrated this problem to a service technician and the service advisor on 2 separate occasions.

At the same time in May of 2009 I mentioned to the dealer that the tank would only fill to about 7/8s before the gas dispenser shut off. The dealer replaced a kinked hose near the gas filler neck and that problem has been fixed.

Any ideas?

It is probably an overflow, I have a totally different vehicle but fill it fast until I know it is 2 gallons short then slow for the last 2 gallons, sure I could spend money to fix it, but for now it is free and the critters college is about to break me.

Thanks for the reply. The filling problem was solved by replacing a kinked hose. Before the hose was replaced I did exactly what you suggested. The gas odor in the car is the issue that I’m having trouble resolving. Somehow gas fumes are being pulled into the car only when a window or the sunroof is partially open but the dealer can’t find the source. I suspect a faulty seal at the fuel pump which is located under the rear seat or the replaced hose near the filler neck but the dealer has detected no leaks. Gas odor does not enter the car with a full tank as long as I keep the windows up.