Gas miliege '06' Jeep Liberty Limited



What next! Mileage on this vehicle must come up at least a couple notches. Presently only getting 11/12mpg in the city. Tried new spark plugs, maintaining correct tire pressure, using good gasoline. I’m told now to change pcv valve and perhaps to do a fuel flush. Any suggestions out there? I literally feel I’m losing gasoline but dealer says lines are clean.


How long have you had it? Has the mileage always been that low? How are you computing the mileage?


If you’ve got 4wd, then 15/20 is what it’s rated. With winter fuel, 11~12 mpg city sounds about right.


For city driving the Liberty doesn’t get good gas mileage. It isn’t light, it isn’t areodynamic, it has 4WD adding weight and mechanical drag.


City driving is so variable with idle time, stop and go etc. In your situation, 10 mpg could be excellent winter city mileage; who knows here ? The better way of telling is trip mileage. I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions other than routine maintenance until you check mileage on a trip of at least 100+ miles you can average 50+ mph at least. Then compare with suggested highway miles.
BTW, your driving habits have much to do with mileage in city as anything.


Keep the right air pressure in your tires, don’t speed, accelerate slowly and don’t stop if you can help it. Try to time the lights ahead of you to arrive at them after they turn green.Once you reach the speed you want to travel at, stop accelerating, acceleration and braking both waste gas. I get 3-5 mph better gas mileage than the the driver in my family, no matter which car we use.


6 months now, calculating mileage both by math and car systems reading. Yes, I have been communicating this issue both with Chrysler and my local service repair dealer. Simply getting the ‘bat’ around. Is it worth a try to replace the pcv valve?, is my question now


I understand, I was fully aware that I was purchasing a 4WD vehicle, and was expecting to get at least 15mpg in the city as stated by Chrysler. Do ya think replacing the pcv valve might help to some significant degree, or should I just be happy and enjoy the ride :slight_smile:


YUCK-- but, thanks for replying. I’ll enjoy the ride for now


Thanks for your input, I’ll just keep trucking, happily, for now


I hear ya, I just would be a lot happier to target 15mpg in the city. thanks


This vehicle was only getting 11mpg late summer, therefor winter driving is probably estimating only 10mpg, I would guess–double Yuck, That’s just not right