Gas Mileage

I have a 2009 Ford Escape (automatic, 4 cylinder) I got it in Jan. 09. Every time I filled up the tank, it would say…400 miles until empty. In the past month or two, after I fill it up, it won’t go higher than 350 miles until empty. Nothing has changed in my commute. Any idea why it’s almost 50 miles less? SHould I call the dealership?

Miles to empty isn’t a precise measurement. You need to compare your miles per gallon (measured by the gas pump, not your trip computer).

If you live in the northern half of the country, make sure your tires are inflated correctly, since the pressure has probably dropped a lot since September. Also, keep in mind that cars usually get worse mileage in colder weather, especially if your gas stations have switched to a winter blend of gas.

This is a case of too much electronics and not knowing what they heck they mean.

You have to measure your gas mileage. You CAN’T rely on that reading telling you how many miles you can go on a tank. Figure out your gas mileage and go from there.

On a related note, does anyone know if the “miles till empty” calculation uses any current or recent “average mpg” values?

Usually (for Ford), the mile-to-empty calculation is a rolling average of the MPG for the last 500 miles. The MPG display is a rolling average of the MPG for the last 1500 miles.

winter weather approaches. Most cold weather states add a bit of ethanol to the gasoline for winter months.