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Ford Escape city gas mileage dropped

Hello, I have a 2015 Ford Escape 2.0 Liter Eco Boost SUV. Recently, my city gas mileage has tanked! If I drive 15 miles it will show I burned 75 miles of gas. I already did a full additive treatment. It helped for the highway mileage. Any suggestions?

Two things can cause a sudden drop in fuel mileage,

A thermostat that’s stuck open, or the coolant temp sensor for the computer is telling the computer the engine never reaches operating temperature.


I don’t underdysnd the phrase, “75 miles worth of gas”.
The only proper way to measure gas mileage is to fill the tank, note the odometer reading, drive the car, refill the tank, note the mileage and the amount og gas in gallons and divide the miles by the gallons. If you are using a cars digital readout to determine gas mileage you don’t know if you have a mileage problem or a digital readout problem.


Good point above. OP, before trying to fix this problem make sure to first cypher the car’s mpg using the traditional method of noting how many miles you drive between fill-ups, and doing the math.