Gas in the oil

I drive a chevy tahoe 2000. i changed my oil last monday and friday my oil pressure just dropped. the oil smells like gas now. i was told to try and change the oil again and add an stp oil treatment. the oil pressure went up for about 10 min and then it dropped again. this time not quite as far but still not up where it should be and there is still a gas smell in the oil. any suggestions?

Usually a leaking fuel pressure regulator is the cause of this. I would advise driving this vehicle as little as possible until it’s repaired and the oil changed again.

Diluted engine oil is not a good lubricant and engine damage can occur if allowed to continue. Depending on the severity and the length of time this has been going on it’s possible that some damage may have already happened.

If that much gasoline is getting into the oil, you have a serious problem somewhere and this is just a symptom. STP will not help. If it smells that gassy that quick, raw gas is getting past the piston rings and into the oil, which should not happen with a healthy engine. You must be having mis-fire issues and bad gas mileage as well.

The oil level will climb on the dip-stick and a sample of the oil will ignite with a match…

What size engine?? How many miles?? Does it run without misfire???