Gas hog

my 1989 f150 gets 2 miles to the gal. i have changed plugs wires cap roter fuil presher reg. bypasedthe tank salecter looked for vacume leaks timed it?

For the gas mileage to be this bad, it pretty much has to be leaking out somewhere. Check your fuel lines, fuel tank, fuel filter, and, if those check out okay, pull your fuel rail and check the injector spray pattern for evidence of a dripping or leaky injector. Are you getting fuel in your crankcase? If that much fuel is getting to your engine, you probably are. This is not good for your rings and bearings.

So you must be going 46 miles per tank. Is that true? Do you smell gasoline?

How is the power? Any smoke out the tail pipe? Any smells? Has it been driven regularly since 1989? How many miles on it? Has it been stored for extended periods?

I don’t believe it’s physically possible to burn a gallon of gas in 2 miles of driving. The mixture would be so rich that the engine wouldn’t even run properly, and the spark plugs would quickly foul.

Have you considered that someone maybe siphoning gas from your tank?

You really need to provide more info about this situation. If your truck was really burning that much fuel then it should barely be moving, bucking like a bronco, and belching black smoke. Is it?

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the truck seems to run good i just cant seem to get far on a tank of gas i cant find no leaks some times i smell raw gas but cant find any

i check all the fuil is not leaking out i did not think about the fuil rail

there was till i got it timed

im soory did anyone want somr thing from the store burp

it set for 2 years on a farm the fuil sender was bad the fuil pump dident work i got the tru ck for 250.00 it is clean

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Pull a plug, see how it looks. Chances are they are fouled, as is your catalytic converter. Injectors look like a prime suspect, but then there is the coil, etc.

I wonder if its running on the manifold and evaporating or cooking off as tpo leave no sign off leaking. You probably dont want to be driving it if you smell raw gas. Id get somebody to watch under the hood ect for leak

buy a fire extinguisher

An engine that gets 2 MPG and apparently runs well, or even half decent, cannot be burning that much gasoline. It’s either leaking or someone is stealing it.

Pull one of the spark plugs. If the fuel mileage is really this bad then the tip should be sooted up as badly as a chimney before Santa slid through it.

You referenced the timing. You need to make sure that the SPOUT wire on the distributor is disconnected before checking the timing. This truck is a TFI model and if the timing is set with the wire connected it will be off by a country mile.
No matter what, you got a whale of a deal at 250 bucks. A steal actually.

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the cats. are gone new coil

where is the spout wire is it the cap plug?

My guess is it advances the timing. There may be only one wire to the distributor. Take a look and or do a Google search