Gas hog in a grand marquis?

I’ve had some v-8’s in my years but this ones seems like a hog. I heard that the average for a tankful should be 300-325 miles per tank… the 94 grand marguis i just bought gets about 200-225 miles per tank… anything i can check to see if it’s a glitch in the engine program or something.

Miles per tank is meaningless. Why are you wasting your time listening to such nonsense?

You need to measure miles per gallon (miles driven divided by gallons of fuel used). When you have done that, and you have an average from MANY tanks of gasoline, please post back. Perhaps then we can help you.

One or two fill-ups is NOT enough. Drive the car, keep records, and tell us how many miles you get from each gallon of gasoline.

That’s the only way we can tell whether or not your '94 Grand Marquis is burning more fuel than normal.

Your driving style will have an impact on fuel mileage, Charlie, so lighten up on the gas pedal.

Miles per tank full??? What exactly does that mean. Measure miles per gallon over at least two and better three fill ups and then tell us what your MPH is. I get about 700 miles per tank. What does that mean? Without knowing more it means very little.

How many miles on that car, is the maintenance up to what it should be? What is the compression?

We’ve seen worse ways to estimate fuel economy than miles per tank, but the latter is the most common of meaningless methods. Do as others have already advised and keep records over the course of at least five fill-ups.

Given the tank size on these things, that would be reasonble for in town driving. But you do need an mpg figure.

300 miles would be pretty good around town, but an engine in marginal condition and poor driving habits could put you in the range you are finding. Is the transmission shifting into OD? What kind of driving do you do? This probably has a 19 gallon tank, give or take a gallon. Figure the mileage they way others here suggest and post your problem at with more information about your driving habits.

When I drive my '99 around town I get nearly 20 mpg. I drive it like I stole it whenever I feel I can get away with it.