Gas Guzzling Mystery


How can a tank of gas disappear? After filling up the tank and paying $42, I drove 16 miles to work. On the way home, the gas light came on. How could my full tank of gas have disappeared? There was no leak and the gas cap is locked.


Go fill the car up again and make sure the problem is not simply an electronic glitch causing the low fuel lamp to go stupid. That would not be unheard of, especially if the car? is aged or has high mileage.


I remember when that was once a lot of gas! How do you know there was no leak when driving that 16 miles? What kind of vehicle and what does the gauge read?


Also did you park somewhere that someone may have stole your gas?


You don’t know that the gasoline has “disappeared.” My guess is that you still have most of what you recently purchased. Your electrical system is misreporting the situation. You need to find out for sure.


bet you’re glad you have a diesel, eh Joesph? :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyone tries to siphon fuel from you, they’ll have some problems.



$42 in gas? Big deal…so you bought about 3-4 gallons. Just kidding. Faulty gauge maybe?


The real mystery is where the poster has disappeared to?


Maybe he found his misplaced gas.


Take the bus instead of driving one…