Gas guage

My gas guage does not register properly. I believe it is because my hubby likes to let the tank get VERY low before filling up.Am i correct in thinking it messed up the float? I was told it is a big job to fix so i us milrs driven as a guage…

I can’t see how running the tank low would harm the float mechanism. Have you looked under the car to see if there is a dent in the gas tank?

No problem wih any dents in the tank.The guage is all over “E when full,
F when it’s low” Has a mind of it’s own.
I can live with it just want to let my hubby know it was his fault. !!!

I had the same problem with my Chevrolet Uplander minivan. It was the sending unit in the tank and was repaired under warranty. Apparently, GM had problems with the sending unit. I don’t think it has anything to do with your husband’s refueling habits.

I would worry more about the fuel pump than the fuel gauge. It is a poor idea to let the fuel get very low between fill ups. In addition to the extra wear on the pump, it also can pick up gunk from the bottom of the tank that can clog the fuel filter and damage the pump.

The gas gauge on my 2000 Blazer quit 2 years ago. GM gas gauges of this era were sensitive to sulfur deposits on the sending unit. In my case, the sending unit is part of the fuel pump assembly and expensive to replace.

Try some Chevron Techron, it’s supposed to help clean the sending unit. It didn’t work for my Blazer but it ran smoother after the treatment.

Ed B.

Thank you for all the ideas esp. the gunk hopefully he will reform.

Yes, it’s a bad idea to run very low on gas for several reasons. However, be aware that the fuel pump always draws fuel from the bottom of the tank, regardless of the fuel level. I don’t think that running low on gas does any harm to the fuel pump, but I do believe that running out of gas does do quite a bit of harm.