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Chevy Trail Blazer gas gauge

The gas gauge on our 2006 TB has been acting up. Sometimes the needle is where it should be but most of the time it stays below empty (even when the tank is full). The low fuel warning stays on. Sometimes when we put more gas in the tank the needle goes up for a short time. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what did you do? Also, if we don’t get it fixed will it cause any damage to the car?

This problem happened on my Nissan pickup. It was caused from a poor connection at the connector at the gas tank. I simply unplugged the connector and plugged it back in. The gauge has been working correctly since.


Patti, There Are Problems With GM Fuel Guage Senders.

Tester gives good advice. You can try his idea first or diagnose or pay to have the guage diagnosed next.

However, there have been lots and lots of these vehicles that have this problem. You can try a bottle of Chevron fuel system cleaner (the one that says it cleans fuel guage sending units). Chances are you will need to replace the sending unit in the gas tank. Tiny little metal fingers on the “wiper” which the float arm attaches to, disintegrate. I think too much sulfur in the gasoline corrodes and dissolves the metal.

Most dealers stock just a sender because they do so many under warranty. Some people will try to tell you that you need a fuel pump with sending unit. You should just need the sending unit. When you call a dealer they know right away what you’re talking about. I think the part you need is GM #15824379, but have the dealer tell you which one fits your car.

I don’t think your Trailbalzer has access from above. The gas tank probably has to be dropped down. Since it sounds like you’re out of warranty, an independent shop may save you money. Call around. Wherever you go, have a tank that’s low on gas. The tank won’t need to be pumped.

How far out of warranty are you? I would try and politely beg and charm a dealer into getting this fixed for free. I don’t know if they work with people on this, but a 2006 shouldn’t need a guage, yet, especially if what I’ve described is the problem. Sometimes they have secret extended warranties on certain items. They might give you a break on parts or labor. If you have no luck, try arranging a talk with a “zone rep”.

Do a search for this problem and you will get a lot of hits.

Just curious, how many months and miles do you have on it and what is the warranty period?

P.S. Not fixing it will not damage the car. However, by letting a repair “go” you can start a “snowball effect”, a pattern of letting things go and pretty soon you’re driving a heap.

See if you can get it done free or very inexpensively. Good Luck! Let us know what happens.