Gas filter


Does this sound like a gas filter problem?


Last week i was driving my Ford escort(89). When I was driving over 45 and when I hit the gas peddle I felt a slight choke in the peddle.

Well today my wife took the car and it died 20 yards down the road. Everything turns over, it sound like it is not getting gas.


Plus it is the origanal gas filter. Sorry for all the tags, Im new to this site and a little stressed out!


Gas filter or fuel pump. On an 89, either is about an equal guess.


The fuel filter should be changed every 30k miles - at least.
If the filter is clogged then there’s a good chance it has knocked out the fuel pump.

Preventative maintenance is what it’s called.


To test your theory, of a lack of gas, get a can of spray Starting Fuel from a auto parts store. Find a opening into the large plastic tube top of the engine. Spray a three second spray into the large intake tube. Crank the engine. If it starts (and dies) the problem IS fuel (lack thereof). Replace fuel filter. Try again. If it doesnt start, call a mechanic.


I agree…IF AND ONLY IF it can be changed…the ONE thing I DON’T like about my 4runner is the filter is INSIDE the tank. And you replace the pump and filter as one assembly…


So your fuel filter is almost old enough to vote and you think it may be a fuel problem? :slight_smile:

Filters should be replaced on a regular basis. Yours is way past due. Start there and hope the fuel pump has not been damaged.