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Gas dripping form hole in exaust

i removed my carb (34 pict-3) to clean it and check it out. there was a little bit of carbon on the volum control screw. so i put it all back together new gaskets and such put it back on, cranked it over to fill the bowl i can see some gas spitin into the filter and then a full solid stream of gas came shooting out of the middle tube in the carb and went everywhere and now i have gas dripping out of the holes in the exaust, so my question is y is so much fuel coming out? and should i even keep going with this stock carb? would a progresive weber be better? i know my spelling sucks but im pissed off and dont care. thank you for your time.

do you have an electric fuel pump? What about a fuel pressure regulator? Either you have too much pressure, or you may have something clogging up the float tank.

First place I would check is that the needle valve and float are working properly. check the idle gas is set correctly also.

Out of leaks in the exhaust or else the tailpipe with the engine running? It’s water, a product of combustion that is invisible steam when the exhaust and cat converter warm to operating temperature.

You probably need a rebuild kit as well as a new float. The needle valve in your carb is not holding back the gasoline. The float controls the valve. If you turned the carb over during cleaning the needle valve probably fell out. It’s an easy thing to miss if you have not worked on many carburetors. You might want to pull the carb again and check the needle valve. It’s probably not there.

wha who, I think that out of exhaust thing was hyperbole.

Um yeah, I should have read your post more closely, not a clogged float tank but a needle valve that is not closing the float tank. sorry for being such a sleepy head.

thank you all for the info. and it is gas coming out of the tailpipe but im almost positive thats a result of the excessive fuel flooding out the cyl. so ill give the float valve another look see. i like that idea because fuel wont stay in the filter as soon as i stop cranking the fuel runs back out, so something’s not closing and keeping pressure in the system. it looked functional but what do i know this is my first time with a carb. thanks again yous guys, ill let u know what i find out.

You may wish to consider an oil change also as raw gas is probably now mixed with the oil.

Gas leaking into engine. First thing I always did was clamp off the fuel hose and run the car till the bowl ran dry. Then unclamp the line and try it. Any particles of dirt should have been flushed from the seat when the needle dropped.

Pull the dipstick and if it smell like gasoline DO NOT ATTEMPT TO START THE ENGINE. You don’t want to start it or even crank it if the oil is contaminated with gasoline. Even a miniscule amount of gasoline will degrade oil to a useless liquid.

well so far everything is ok with the float valve i did have a hole in the fuel line under the tank. I replaced the line because i thought the pump was pulling air, thats y the filter wasnt filling up, but that didnt help the filters still not filling up theres no blockege in the line from the tank to the pump. i took the fuel line off the carb and pluged it with my thumb and it still wont fill up. so i put the line back on the carb and just put my thumb over the big brass tube in the carb and cranked it but it just keeped squriting out the two little brass tubes on either side of the big one and the filters still not filling up. the rebuild kit had a new float valve but it was to tall and hit the float retaining clip so i check the old one and it worked fine, but, the new gasket i put on is thicker than the old one so i put the thicker washer from the kit on with the old valve hoping to compensate. maybe i should put both the thick and the thin washer on it see what happens. im this close to puting this bug back on craigslist. i know they say u must love the bug… please someone tell me its a good idea to junk this stock carb and that the progresiv webber kit is a good product SERENITY NOW!!!

update: i found something online about the float valve and how the 34pict-3 uses the 0.5mm washer so ill check that out. and it said" The float valve in the Pierburg 34PICT/3 carburetor has a spring-loaded ball bearing in the end of the needle " mine has that. and i figured out the new valve was hitting the retaing clip, because i had it in wrong >< LEARNINGS FUN!! The new valve dont have the ball dearing in it either but it is a lot taller than the old one. DO NOT BUY WALKER CARB REPAIR KITS

If you think the 34pict-3 is a problem, you are really in store for a lesson with tuning the Webber.

If you are getting fuel coming out the jets with your finger plugging the vent tube, fuel is getting through the filter. In my experience, the clear fuel filter rarely is completely full of fuel so don’t use that as verification of a working fuel delivery system.

One trick I always use after replacing the needle valve; setting the float level; and assembling the cover to the body, is to flip the carburator upside down and blowing into the fuel inlet fitting. If any air flows, fuel will also flow. Thus, I am prewarned that I have not done the overhaul correctly.

Don’t get rid of VW just because of this problem. These VW’s are the most workable vehicles around. I had the engine out so many times I can’t count. With the passenger and rear seats out, it would carry a suprising amount. With roof racks attached to the rails it would transport mattresses and large sheets of plywood.

BUUT, they are not safe – nothing in front of you but the spare tire and the gas tank – almost no protection in a side collision, in fact you will be kissing the Hummer’s grill if one catches you. On the flip side, I was lucky. I drove a 61 VW for a number of years with trips over the Grape Vine in Southern California and finally gave it to my parents as a tow vehicle behind their motor home. Later we swapped the original 1200 engine back in after the 1600 seized climbing the Grape Vine one last time. During my possession, it T boned a 55 Chevy that turned in front of me and it was later rearended by a Monacco at a stop sign (I didn’t end up in the rear seat although the drivers seat did come off the rails).

Hope you enjoy your VW as much as I did.

ok so i put the old gasket back on the thin washer with the valve put it back together changed the oil found some probs there fixed em’. now the oil is free of gas. now how does one prim the fuel system with out dumping a gob of fuel in the carb and floodin it again and gettin fuel in the oil? i tryed just hand cranking but that was taking forrrrrreeeeeeeeeever. and about getting rid of the carb altogether for a differnet one, i read some where that the 34pict-3 pretty much needs a vac. addvance dist. my dumass bought a pertronix mech. advance special dist. because for some reason i thought i needed it. not knowing id have to time it differnet and the info that came with it was bullchips so i was thanking of going back to a stock dist or getting empi’s clone of the weber 40. i dont know tho im confuesed. thanks
udate: HEY IT RUNS!!! and no more flooding. I give a big ol’ middle finger to Walker Co. innovative engine management solutions my ars. now i just have to get it to idel and run with out getting extremly hot with in a minute of starting so now its just adjusting till its smooth. thank u so much everyone youv been great. live long and prosper.