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Gas cap vs. check engine light

How serious is the check engine light that comes on when you don’t turn your gas cap enough?

It isn’t serious. It only means that because of the air leak in the cap’s seal the EVAP system detects difficulty with your gas tank being able to reach the exact proper vacuum to prevent gas vapors from escaping while not overstraining your gas pump in it’s job removing gas from the tank. It does no harm to your vehicle.

If that really all that’s wrong the light will turn itself off after a few drives.

Thanks, guys. If it doesn’t turn off I’ll take it in. Really appreciate your help

Be aware that “a few” is different for different cars. For some reason, I think that it may take as many as 25 starts and stops with some vehicles to clear an EVAP code. I could easily be wrong as I can’t remember where that number came from.