Check engine light


2001 Kia Sportage - lost the gas cap and drove without one all day and check engine light came on. Co Worker says its because I didn’t have a gas cap so I stopped and bought one, turned it til it clicked and light is still on. Will it take awhile for it go away?


[b]Yes. It will take a certain number of ignition key cycles before the Check Engine light will turn off.



Yes, it will shut off by itself in about 2 or three days, depending how often you drive your car.


Oh great. Thanks so much for your help


Great. Thanks so much for your help


I would take your car up to a Auto Zone or Advance Auto and have the codes read. If the set code has to do with your EVAP system then have them clear the codes and you should be OK.

If you don’t want to mess with the above then like others side it will reset on it’s own after a few days.