Gas cap collar - 2001 Chrysler Voyager

The collar to my gas tank (which the gas cap screws in to) has disintegrated. Can that be replaced or do I need a new gas tank or something else? I asked Chrysler online and they just told me to bring it in. I don’t want to spend a truckload of money on this, and I am wary of the dealership.

A New Gasoline Fill Pipe Should Be Able To Be Ordered From A Dealer. They Ordinarily Connect To The Gas Tank With A Section Of Rubber Hose Which Is Probably What’s In Your Van.

Some of these pipes are expensive (hundred bucks ?), but I’m guessing labor shouldn’t be too bad. It doesn’t take a dealer to install it.



It looks like the fuel filler neck is available after market for less then $100.00 at,carcode,1440580,parttype,6272 Put in the exact model and engine to make sure