Garage door opener

This is sort of car related, I do park my car in the garage. I have an intermittent problem when closing the door, it will stop, reverse and flash it’s light as if the sensor has been tripped. If I hold the button down the whole time ( remote or wall) the door will usually go down. All wiring seems to be OK, I cleaned the track and lubed the rollers, checked for any obstruction. The sensors at the bottom of the door have a green light and do work to reverse the door. It will close 8 times out of 10, then once in a while will reverse. When it was acting up I watched the lights on the obstruction sensor and it showed green the whole time. I adjusted the close force to max. The opener is 10 years old. I am thinking about replacing the opener, but feel that I might be throwing a part at a problem.

Any idea what else to check? Or have I already pushed all the buttons I should have?

Thanks much for any ideas.

Have you unhooked the door and raised it by hand to see if it binding or maybe you need new rollers .
Otherwise your circuit board might be having problems .

Yes have manually raised and lowered, no binding. I am leaning toward the board having trouble with the down force adjustment.

I believe the circuit board is bad on mine as well. The lights do not work when you trip the sensors. All else still works.

One thing you might check into is replacing the sensors rather than the garage door opener. I had one sensor go bad in my shop early on and had it replaced under warranty. Another thing you might look at, light affects the sensors. Maybe you have issues with the door closing when the sun is at a certain angle and you haven’t noticed the correlation yet. My shop door will not close at night if the fluorescent lights are on, but the garage door will. I have about half the lighting in the garage as I do the shop. Good luck.

Clean and lubricate it, I bet it’s binding.

Steve , just in case you don’t know the rollers can be replaced . But if you don’t know what you are doing you can get hurt replacing the ones at the bottom of the door because usually the cable is attached to the roller frame.

There should be a down force adjustment on the opener. You can tweak that a little and see if it helps.

Clean the dust off the sensor lenses and see what happens. If you have a Craftsman unit and it still does the same thing, get it replaced. I recommend Overhead Door.

Read the directions for setting the closing height on your system. It sounds like it is hitting the floor before it expects to.
I have this problem in the winter when it gets cold for a long spell and the frost heaves the concrete up.

Solved - Finally

Turns out the sensor lens’s were dirty. While I had a green light and they appeared to work properly and never turned off unless I manually blocked them, they were the culprit. The problem was worse in bright daylight. I used contact cleaner (safe on plastic) and the doors started to close normally. I assumed that because the sensor lights worked they were not the problem, but I should have taken a few minutes to clean them off, cheap and easy to do.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

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Congrats on it being worked out

one other thing that can confound the lenses is light from the wrong angle – I once had one where the setting sun can trigger the problem you had

Check the lenses on the optic sensors to make something like a cob web isn’t in front of the lens.


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