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Gap in Breaking

First thing in the morning 2 things happen with my car. 1)When I press the break the first time after turning it on the peddle goes right to the floor with no resistance. The breaks work, the pads move, but there’s no resistance in the peddle. 2)Usually within first 15 minutes of driving there’s a gap in breaking. There’s resistance in the peddle but as the car gets near to stopping there’s a… whump where the car acts as though there was a gap in the rotors. It breaks smoothly til near the end then suddenly seems to release and then half a second later it bites again and the car stops.

I’ve had the pads and rotors checked and they found nothing.


Brake . . . Pedal
Does This Car Have A Model-Year ?


In order to get some specific help with your BRAKE problem, we need to know a few important details, such as the model year of the car and its odometer mileage.

That being said, if your brake pedal goes all the way to the floor, that would certainly suggest a worn-out brake master cylinder. If you described the symptoms to a mechanic and he only checked the pads and the rotors, then I strongly suggest that you bring the car to a different mechanic so that he can look at the master cylinder.

I would suggest that you not continue to drive this car, as the liability for any accidents that take place as a result of defective equipment will be your liability.

Get your brakes fixed–by a different mechanic.
Do NOT continue to drive a car whose pedal goes to the floor!

When installing new brakes on your car, you may want to take a break so you don’t get too tired.

Sorry it’s an 09 mazda 3 ATX. It has about 34,000 miles on it.

Sounds like a vacuum problem perhaps the booster which is located behind the brake master cylinder.

It’s true. Next time I should stop listening to car talk… while I’m typing.

Isn’t this car still under warranty? Take it to the dealer ASAP!!! Get them to fix it on their dime!! And DO IT NOW!!! Brake problems like this are nothing to fool with and need to be addressed immediately!! Not next week, not in a month or so, NOW!!

The last thing you need to have happen is when the brakes fail, and don’t come back. Not so much for you but that minivan full of toddlers in front of you.

If your curious, this is most likely a brake master cylinder or brake line issue. The vacuum booster failure will lead to a hard pedal, not a pedal that drops to the floor.